BLOG POST – 04/29/13

Hey everyone! Woo! My team and I are finally ready to announce our latest project, Soul Fjord! What is Soul Fjord? Well, Soul Fjord is a unique randomly generated, dungeon-crawler with rhythm-based combat set in a fantasy universe where the genres of 70’s Funk and Soul have melded with Norse mythology. So what does that mean exactly? Think Lounge Dragons, Disco Wizards, and one badass Viking named Magnus Jones.

In Soul Fjord, you play as Magnus Jones, a legendary warrior valiantly slain in battle. When the Valkyries arrive to bring him to Valhalla, the hottest club in Yggdrasil, they reveal that Magnus has been left off the guest list–and won’t be invited to Ragnarok, the party that’ll end the world. Magnus must fight his way up the World Tree to salvage his reputation as the baddest Viking in town, and gain access to Valhalla.

The game is structured similar to a rogue-like, with procedurally generated levels and a randomized set of enemies. What sets Soul Fjord apart is our rhythm-based combat that pits you against a variety of Norse creatures injected with a 70’s soul. 

We’re also excited to announce that Soul Fjord will be a console exclusive to the OUYA! We here at Airtight, love the indie-friendly attitude that OUYA brings to the table. Partnering with them has been absolutely nothing but a positive and supportive experience for us. Soul Fjord is a game that we really wanted to create a console experience around, and we think that it’s a perfect fit for the OUYA.

Expect to hear from us in the coming months! We plan on regularly updating this blog with posts, screenshots, and video Developer Diaries. We’ve produced our first Dev Diary, which you can see here that’s about the genesis of Soul Fjord, but we have more in the works focusing on topics like characters, music, combat, etc.

                                                                              -   Kim Swift